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Igembe South Constituency is an administrative sub-county of Meru County Government and also a parliamentary constituency. Igembe South Constituency prior to 2013 general election incorporated a large chunk of now Igembe Central Constituency which was curved from Igembe South. It has a population of approximately 165,553 people and an area of 1032.9 square kilometers. Being a legal constituency, it receives the NG-CDF fund, a fund created by the government in 2010, to help develop the rural.
The Constituency falls under the upper highlands of Meru County. The upper highlands have an average precipitation of 700 mm to 1,000 mm per annum and mean annual temperature of between 14.90C-10.50C. The altitude ranges between 2230-2900 m above sea levels.
Igembe South Constituency has a total of six divisions, 23 sub divisions, 53 sub locations. The constituency has a total of 62 registered public primary schools, 22 registered public secondary schools, three special needs school and one polytechnic. Currently there is an operation Medical Training College in Maua town whose construction was fully funded by NG-CDF Igembe South.

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